BEMS and EBEA Merger announcement

Authored by: Marthinus Van Wyk, and Micaela Liberti

Published on: Nov 15, 2021

BEMS and EBEA have a rich history built up over a number of decades, separately and joint. For almost a decade, we’ve held a joint annual scientific meeting and operated many aspects jointly. Over a number of years many things have changed, and a process was initiated to consider merging of the two societies which have the same scope, scientific bases and methodologies.

In 2019, both EBEA and BEMS members voted on the merger into a new society and gave mandate to a joint merging committee to arrange the bases of the new Society.
Earlier this year both EBEA and BEMS opened a forum to all members to view and comment the proposed Articles of Association of the new Society to be named BIOEM.
Finally, as last unavoidable step to move forward, from 27th to 30th of September 2021 an electronic ballot was open for members of each society to vote for the dissolution of the EBEA and BEMS to set the new Society BioEM.

The results clearly indicate the feeling of the majority of the members of our community with more than 90% of the votes cast in each society supporting the merger and have been announced on September 30th during a dedicated session at our Joint Annual Meeting BioEM2021. Details of the vote are available at the following links for BEMS (BEMS-MergerVote) and EBEA (Résultats) respectively.
Thus the steps have commenced to set-up our new society BIOEM.  Thank you to all the members who contributed to this process over the past years. We wish to especially acknowledge René de Seze and Luc Martens for their contribution in chairing the merger committee.

There can be a feeling of sadness in dissolving our old societies. But, this is the opportunity to move toward one single "home" for our fully international community, built on the excellent foundations of EBEA and BEMS. This will be the best framework to tackle the next scientific challenges to which we will be called by the civil society, and the best one to give full opportunities to next generations of researchers of working and networking worldwide.

We also urge the members who did not support the merger to continue to participate and contribute to our community under the new Society.
All current BEMS and EBEA members will be automatically transferred to BIOEM and membership fee will be waived for 2022. We hope to see everyone again in person in Nagoya in 2022!

One of the first actions is to create a logo for BIOEM. Herewith a call for logo ideas and proposals. We look for appealing bright ideas to represent our community and scientific field into one single image. Closing date for entries is 31 December 2021 to be sent to the two presidents: and The winning logo creator will be BIOEM member number 1, and receive a waived registration for BioEM2022 in Nagoya.

Marnus van Wyk and Micaela Liberti
BEMS and EBEA presidents respectively

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