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Main Programme


1The European Research Cluster on EMF and Health (CLUE-H): Project goals of NextGEM, ETAIN, SEAWave, and GOLIAT, and strategy of the CLUE-H clusterSpeakers: Nikolaos Petroulakis; Anke Huss; Theodoros Samaras; Mònica Guxens
2From exposure to dose measure: what are suitable concepts for public communication and researchSpeakers/Moderators: Martin Röösli, Wout Joseph, Mats Olof Mattsson, Marie Eggeling, Anke Huss, Theo Samaras
3Breakthroughs in numerical and experimental EMF exposure assessment: The contribution of BIOEM young scientistsSpeakers: Sam Aerts, Kun Li, Marta Bonato, Massinissa Ziane, Lena Kranold, Rosa Orlacchio, Laura Caramazza


1Neuroprotective Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Acute StrokeSpeaker: Fioravante Capone

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