07th May 2024

April 6-12 2024, the course “Electromagnetic fields and health – epidemiological approaches” of the International School of Bioelectromagnetism “Alessandro Chiabrera” was held in Erice, Sicily, Italy. 

21 participants with diverse backgrounds and from 8 different countries across Europe attended the course. It covered a range of topics such as exposure assessment, EMF and health effects, exposure misclassification, biological mechanisms, risk perception, planetary health, evidence synthesis and guideline development. Special attention was given to active classes, and participants performed RF-EMF measurements and presented their results.

Given the unique setting in Erice, there was a lot of close interaction between participants and the lecturers during the week. Great to see the next generation of EMF & health researchers!

Anke Huss and Monica Guxens (co-directors of the course)
Maria Rosaria Scarfi and Ferdinando Bersani (co-directors of the school)