In loving memory of Ben Greenebaum – written by Frank Barnes

I was very sorry to learn of Ben’s passing. He was a very good colleague and an even better friend. 

As an editor he made the bioelectromagnetics journal a better journal and raised the status for the whole field by seeing that there were measurements that could be reproduced in many papers. 

As a coeditor of the both the 3rd and 4th editions of the Handbook of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields he contributed important chapters and saw to it that we found others to cover topics where we did not personally know some of the most important work. 

I will miss him a lot and so will my students, many of who he also helped improve their work. I will miss being able to talk with him on papers that come in for review and on the directions our work should take as we try to figure out the complicated effects electromagnetic fields can have on biological systems. On the personal level, I have always enjoyed visiting with the him and his wife Nancy.

To state it simply “Ben was a good man who contributed in many ways, and he will be missed. “

Frank Barnes

Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado
President BEMS 2000-2001