Remembering Prof. Ben Greenebaum (1937-2023)

Editor-In-Chief Bioelectromagnetics Journal 1993-2006

BEMS President 2006-07

D’Arsonoval awardee 2020

Our respected member passed away on November 2, 2023 at the age of 85, leaving behind his wife Nancy and three adult children, to whom we dedicate our sincerest condolences. 

He was a Professor Physics-Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard University in 1965 and performed Postdoctoral stays at Harvard and Princeton after which he joined UW-Parkside as an assistant professor in 1970. He was promoted to Associate professor in 1972 and Professor in 1980, to later serve as a Vice Chancellor, Dean of the School of Science and Technology and Chair of the Physics Department. 

There is no debate that Prof. Greenebaum has immensely contributed to our understanding of Bioelectromagnetics, especially in the effects on cell cultures and its possible mechanisms. His contributions span more than 50 years, starting as a pioneer since 1971 until very recently with more than 50 publications, while also serving as President of our society (previously BEMS) and Editor in Chief of our Journal (Bioelectromagnetics) for more than 13 years. 

His outstanding contributions to Bioelectromagnetics will continue to make an impact in generations to come. Many students and young scientists would remember him as coeditor of perhaps the main reference textbook in our field “Handbook of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic fields” (Volume 1 and 2), now in its 4th edition. Our most current members may remember his latest contributions on our journal, one of which won the 2019 Most Influential Paper or he being awarded our latest D’Arsonoval award, our most prestigious award, in 2020. While our most veteran members would remember Ben and Nancy from our meetings all around the globe. 

We, his colleagues and friends will remember him dearly, not only for his obvious brilliance, but also for being an exemplary person, a friend and a gentleman. 

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By Lucas A. Portelli

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